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"A book dreams. The book is the only inanimate object that can have dreams"

Ennio Flaiano

      Since 1985 our shop has been famous in Florence for offering the best in book binding and restoration, with absolute honesty and professionalism, and for the skill employed in carrying out the commissioned work. The very demanding Florentine market saw the production of bound articles appear, including hand-sewn white books, guest-bookbinders and photo albums, appreciated all over the world for the diffusion of their binding. . .

-Antique Book Restauration-

      Our laboratory is known for its refined bindings and for the restoration of books carried out with careful professionalism by the expert hands of our craftsmen.

Come and visit us in our shop in Via Gino Capponi, 22 red in Florence.

Bookbinding. Cardboard and handtanned leather.


Basic Bindery with Cloth


Basic Bindery with Leather


Advanced Bindery

- Bookbinding -

       Our laboratory produces fine bindings, starting from the selection of the raw materials that will make up the book such as the selection of the papers that are  all absolutely acid-free, ACID FREE or, in Top Quality, handmade in 100% cotton, to guarantee better conservation over time, as well as the selection of vegetable tanned leathers and dyed by us  patiently and carefully by hand, using the classic old-fashioned coloring, with aniline  and waxed with natural waxes, thus making the durability of your future manuscript possible. Starting from the folding of the sheets  by hand, the various files are made, then we move on to the next phase, preparing the loom and we proceed to the delicate phase of manual sewing, now the various files that have become a whole, that is the "Body of the book", move on to the phase of  and then it will be the turn of the cover, in various styles, respecting the classic tradition of ancient bookbinding, even in the use of vegetable glues, all this long work allows the book to last for a long time.