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Our history

Since 1985 our shop has been famous in Florence for offering the best in book binding and restoration, with absolute honesty and professionalism, and for the skill employed in carrying out the commissioned work. The very demanding Florentine market saw the production of bound articles appear, including hand-sewn white books, guest-bookbinders and photo albums, appreciated all over the world for the diffusion of their binding.


In 1992 the "limited products" line was born with its distinct objects, unrepeatable in their features, which make them collector's items. Each one has the embossé on the inside, with 23 k gold, the number and the signature which guarantees its authenticity.


Today our "limited products", appreciated by every soul sensitive to the art of bookbinding, includes a line dedicated to the art of preserving photographs, one for guest books specially treated for time-resistant scripts (alkaline content and controlled acidity in our laboratories) and, last but not least, particular objects such as fake books, boxes, "illuminated" books and new products that are continuously produced by our infinite imagination.


The "normal products" bookbinding line is dedicated to the common needs of personal items such as blank books, address books and personal books.


All our products can be customized upon request, with initials, phrases and logos engraved.


We are waiting for you in our shop to discover our items.

Rita  and  Fernando

bookbinding courses, hand sewn books and photo albums, hand made books and restoration

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